TotalProof Roofing Systems

Traditionally, in the UAE, the waterproofing, thermal insulation and roof tiling were carried out by different parties. Damages were frequently observed to be made to the waterproofing during subsequent works done by other subcontractors. The responsibilityfor these damages is often diffused when complaints arise later. The TOTALPROOF system is the culmination of the need to have a single “roofing contractor” as is the practise the world over, who will handle the complete roofing works AND be wholly responsible for the entire roof.
This system incorporates the latest material in thermal insulation technology, polyurethane foam, moving ahead of traditional materials. Polyurethane foam has significantly better heat insulation properties compared to such materials as expanded and extruded polystyrene. Polyurethane foam is a very versatile material, which has found vastly different applications – from insulating liquid fuel tanks in space shuttle rockets to protecting marine steel structures from saline corrosion.
The TOTALPROOF ROOFING SYSTEM comprises of three separate waterproofing layers, which translates into an extended waterproofing guarantee period of 25 years, compared to the standard 10 years for the conventional system.